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A hotel manager regretted overcharging an elderly couple, after hearing the Husbands words


A hotel manager regretted overcharging an elderly couple, after hearing the Husbands words

“The individual at the reception desk presents to an elderly couple with a bill amounting to $350.00, following their completed stay. In response the man is overwhelmed with disbelief and reacts immediately as he seeks clarification regarding such a demand.

His words carry an impact like the tolling of a bell filling the air with questions, about why getting such an expensive price tag of $350.00 for occupying a space for just four hours warrants such.

On the hand the custodian, with an composed demeanor informs the troubled individual that the amount offered is indeed the standard rate. It’s as if a dedicated scribe diligently records expectations related to finances.

However undeterred by this explanation the gentleman persists in his pursuit of balance. Requests an audience with the person in charge known as the “Manager.”. With a gesture reminiscent of life’s intricate tapestry unfurling, the Manager takes on the role of a mediator for resolving the issue, attentively listening to the man’s story.”

They travel across landscapes in their car. With the wisdom of age, on their side they continue this voyage for eleven hours, which leaves them feeling so tired that they inevitably need to make a pit stop. As time passes like sand through an hourglass they decide to take a rest and catch four hours of sleep before continuing their expedition, this is why they found themselves in the space that overcharged them.




With wisdom accumulated over lifetimes the Manager absorbs these grievances, and in measured tones he delivers an explanation: “Behold” he declares, “an expanse of water to an Olympian realm—a haven where one can immerse their physical form and glide through its aquatic domain with grace akin, to mythical nymphs.”
He points towards the horizon indicating a chamber that serves as a gathering place, for intellectuals. It is a hub for knowledge exchange and deep thinking.
However the man responds honestly and in a frustrated way replied that they did not partake in this experience. His words are like the call of a bird announcing their stance. In response the Manager enthusiastically describes a variety of performances that include figures from New York, Hollywood and even Vegas. He paints a picture of a spectacle filled with actors evoking laughter, tears and astonishment. Yet again the old man’s statement remains unchanged; they did not align themselves with spectacles.
The Manager proceeds to list each available amenity and opportunity one by one. However, each time he does so, the man’s unyielding torrent of words vehemently rejects these offerings. “Even though these treasures are right, in front of us our journey has taken a path unaffected by their allure” the man continues, each word reflecting his commitment to staying focused no matter the external distractions.
However, the Manager remains resolute demonstrating an composed demeanor in response to his plea. After going through the crucible of negotiation the man eventually agrees to compromise.
As they approach the stage a curious twist unfolds. The woman, his partner assumes responsibility for handling their finances. The Manager observes with amusement as she writes a check for an amount that surprises him; $50.00. “Madam” he asks curiously “this check seems to be for a $50.00.” Her response is delivered with composure that it belies the significance of her words; “Indeed I have allocated a fee of $300.00 for my peace of mind.” This revelation serves as a reply to his expectations and hangs in the air, like a melodic note leaving the Manager without any retort or response.
“But wait” he continued, pausing for a moment “such a meeting never actually happened.” A quick response, flowing like a rushing stream follows suit “Oh well destiny had a story to tell and the possibilities remained within your reach.”
So ends a tale with its conclusion serving as a reminder of an age saying that reverberates throughout history; “Beware those who engage with the wise and experienced, for their years are not a sign of foolishness but rather a testament to the lessons learned through life’s many twists and turns.” With a smile the curtains close on this fable—an anecdote woven into the vast tapestry of existence—, as a gentle reminder that the universe itself is filled with contradictions and true wisdom often resides within those who have lived long lives.

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